About us

Since 2006, RB BALTIC, Ltd. has been successfully supplying a wide range of waste handling equipment and machinery to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. Our goal is to offer the clients optimal solutions that best meet their needs and provide them with necessary high-quality equipment. 


RB BALTIC Ltd. is an official representative German and Austrian companies: Backhus Eggersmann GroupBauerCraemer, Otto-GrafJenz, HAASHerbold, NGRHusmannStrautmann Umwelttechnik,WeberSartori AmbienteTerra SelectWagner, BRTEggersmann groupGarantia.

RB Baltic, Ltd. has a qualified repair service.

RB Baltic, Ltd.  professionals fully perform warranty and post-warranty machinery service of represented companies and are always ready to resolve any outstanding issues.

Here you can also find containers for waste, biodegradable, secondary raw materials and compost, underground and semi-underground containers, presses of various types and purposes, press containers, sorting lines, compost turners, drum sieves, wood, biomass and plastic shredders, plastic washing lines and etc.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us, so we could share our experience with you.

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